National Novelist Writing Month

Today marks the first day of NaNoWriMo, also known as National Novelist Writing Month! For those of you who don’t know what this is it’s basically an event that happens every November where people come together to write. The goal is to write 50 thousand words by the end of November. Because the 50K mark is where you leave the short story behind and a novel is born you’re writing a novel in thirty days. It’s crazy, I know, but oh so fun! 

I participated last year and hit my target with 15 minutes to spare, haha, it was such a mad sprint towards the end! I wasn’t going to do it this year but I changed my mind literally last minute as I decided to register yesterday evening, woops. 

My novel is called Remember Me — The End of Memory Lane and I’ll be posting it on my wattpad account as I go along. 

Here’s the blurb: 

‘Nickels is dead, sort of.

They call her Nickels because of her nickel tattoo, but personally she doesn’t know who she is or where she came from. After waking up without her memories, in a strange building, surrounded by people telling her that back in the real world she’s lying in a hospital bed, comatose, things go from bad to worse. She can’t make the decision to die or go back until she remembers who she is and what happened — which is easier said than done when you don’t even remember your own name.

Daniel is different than the others. He’s both quiet and intriguing, and unlike everyone else he remembers every little detail about himself, so why isn’t he going back?

In each other Nickels and Daniel find their missing piece, and their souls come alive. Only problem is that when the time comes for making the choice of returning to life or succumbing to death: they will no longer remember each other.

Love is a powerful force, but at the end of memory lane will it be enough?’

You can find it here, I’ll be posting it as I navigate through the month. 

It’s a fun writing challenge and it’s good to just succumb to the joy of writing without taking it too serious, and even though my goal is 50 thousand words I won’t be bummed if I don’t get there because Nano is about participating and having fun with writing, which I think is such a great concept!

Writing’s always a good idea, so here’s to creating new things and word sprints and aching fingers! Cheers!

– Martie xx


Up and Onwards

It’s been a while. For someone who just recently started a blog I sure made it out to seem like I’d forgotten all about it. I haven’t, though, I promise. Life’s been a bit hectic and for a while I took a break from writing altogether, and here is why:

Without knowing I’d put so much mental pressure on myself to finish my novel, but not only that, I also had to make it great. After tinkering with it for months and trying to plow through a writer’s block that refused to budge, spending hours and hours in front of a laptop, only to later having to sleep a lot only to get back to the laptop again… I decided enough was enough. I decided to take a break from writing, I could read and stuff, but I wasn’t going to go back to any projects for the time being. And holy chocolate sprinkles on toast! It was like this pressure lifted from my shoulders, a pressure I’d personally put there, and my entire day-to-day quality changed as I wasn’t obsessing anymore. I’m still on a break from my projects, but not from blog post writing, and to be honest it feels incredibly nice. i will return to them at some point, but there is no hurry.

For the moment life is incredibly good and my main focus is working on my health as I’ve lost a lot of important muscle in the last two years of being housebound, and therefore I’ve begun to walk. For the last six days I’ve had one walk each day in the mornings and today I mixed it up with some jogging as well (my lungs felt like they were going to die, stamina is a foreign word these days), but it feels good to be able to do these things and I am confident that with the right pace and attitude things are going to improve. These last few weeks a quality of life has returned to me that I have been without for years, and it makes me so grateful! it also helps motivate me more than ever to reclaim my life and work through this illness.

This was just a quick update and hello as I’ve missed this blog very much. Next post will not be two months down the line, I promise.

Until next time,

– Martie xx

A Mini Write-a-thon

So far so good on the writing front! After weeks of digging myself into a rut I’ve finally managed to climb back out. This has now turned into a race: my mind against my body. You see, right now I am so pumped that to stop writing is actually a bit painful because my mind’s screaming “No! I am not done yet!” whilst my body is beginning to crash. I came home a few hours ago after having written 3000 words in the city, first part in ‘my’ coffee shop, then the second part whilst eating lunch at a restaurant and then the final bit at the library. I went home because I could feel myself beginning to crash, which is never pleasant.

I’ve had a mini-meal to help my energy levels a bit, and also an hour long nap. I’m still feeling a bit meh, which seems to be my constant state these days. I’m having a forced break with tea and some vitamins in the hopes that it’ll help me recharge so that I can write more later on! Right now I’m extremely happy with today’s writing achievements, but like I said: my mind’s not done yet so I have so much more I want to get down. Hopefully I’ll hit 5K before I go to bed, you never know…


You never know just how dirty the screen of your laptop is until you take it outside into the sunshine… my apologies.

– Martie xx