Croissants, Coffee and Dragons


It’s currently 07:53am and I am sat in my favourite coffee shop drinking a coffee called ‘sweet chili’, it’s honestly a hail mary during this morning! I have had about one hour of sleep total, not voluntarily I assure you. I have had several good weeks without much insomnia and I am hoping that this does not mean it is back — with a vengeance. The sky’s finally clearing after some morning snowfall, that fortunately did not settle because I’ve had enough snow for now. There’s a buzzing of people as  they’re all getting their morning caffeine jolt before work while I sit here with music low on my ear, watching everyone bustling in and out the door.


No dairy free breakfast options available so I chose the least offensive… but it is okay because I already have vicious stomach cramps and it honestly can not get any worse.

So, why I am up this early then? Well, I was originally going to take the 8am bus into town as I have an appointment at nine, but when I woke up after finally getting some shuteye and couldn’t fall back asleep I hopped on the bus an hour early and brought my laptop instead. I don’t even feel like a zombie, which makes me think that a crash might be on the horizon… here’s to hoping that does not happen.

It’s an hour until my appointment, which is part of my treatment plan for my M.E. It’s this Norwegian developed method called ‘Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy ‘ (NPMP), which has had some positive impact on people with chronic illnesses. Personally I have only had a few sessions, but I can already say I am noticing small changes in my body so I am very positive to see how this will work further down the line!

Skjermbilde 2015-04-13 kl. 08.11.37

However! It’s officially once again dragon season! Or, as some might say: time for a new season of Game of Thrones! So in honour of that I am sporting my Team Targaryen shirt today, because dragons. I’ll once again be resuming my HBO Nordic subscription when I get back home as I do every year at this time, haha! I know there’s a leak with the first half of the season out there, but I honestly do not want to cheat. We only get ten episodes and I want to savour them! I only hope I’ll be able to avoid any spoilers until the series catches up with the leak!

– Martie xx