The Art of Discovery & Other Things

I have this pattern… I used to be unaware of it, but my sister pointed it out to me this summer when I was in a good place and I’d voiced how  my spending habits had been insane the previous year, to which she replied: “Well, yes… you used it as a reward system when you were down, because you justified that you deserved it, AND this way you had something to look forward to when it came in the mail.” Let’s just say she wasn’t wrong.

This month hasn’t exactly been hunky-dory and apparently the stack of new books, CDs and DVDs really reflect the amount of time I’ve had to spare online… ahem, yeah… thankfully one can never have too much of any of those things — at least I can’t! Some were impulse purchases, others were things I’d been eyeing for a while, but refrained from buying because I could do that whenever — apparently that time was now, ehe.


Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy) –  Complete impulse buy as I’ve never, in my life, even thought about purchasing this classic, but I read the first page while standing by the shelves of the bookstore and it really intrigued me; so I’m excited to read this one, but it’s going to take more than a while judging by the size!

Dangerous Lies (Becca Fitzpatrick) – I’ve been waiting for this book ever since it was announced on Twitter last year (then under the title Sapphire Skies), and let’s just say it did not disappoint! I have so much to say about this particular book that I’ll be writing a review about it on here soon, keep your eyes peeled! 

La Douleur Exquise (J.R Rogue) – J.R Rogue… I have nothing but praise for this girl. She left a comment on my Instagram about a year or so ago and I took a look at her profile and fell in love with the snippets of poems she had posted there; typed up on a typewriter. This is her debut collection and it was exciting to be able to hold her words in my hands after following them online for so long, and she deserves this publication, she really does! I do recommend this chapbook, you can find it on Amazon here or if you want to take a look at her Instagram to see her work for yourself you can click here.

Eat Pray Love (Elizabeth Gilbert) – Considering how big of a deal this book and movie has been over the years it’s remarkable that I have not read or seen either one… but I watched a Ted Talk with Elizabeth Gilbert recently, which was very inspiring and it really got to me. As a result it really made me want to read her work for myself, I’m looking forward to this one (too)!

Strong Looks Better Naked (Khloe Kardashian) – This book is probably a classic example of “don’t judge a book by its cover” because truth be told that’s exactly what I did… I was sleep deprived and it was way into the AM when I was ordering up things online and threw this one in with it due to curiosity, but next day I’d changed my mind and tried to cancel only it was too late as it had already gone to shipping. Good thing too! I’m about halfway into this book and I’m thoroughly impressed so far! I’ll no doubt make a separate blogpost when I’m done so I can give more of a concise feedback, but trust me when I say: put aside any opinion you might have formed about the Kardashian clan over the years and take a look inside the book instead of the title and the cover. There’s so much more to be said about what’s written on those pages, stay tuned!

The Art of Discovery (Robin Bronk, Jeff Vespa, Nancy Rouemy) – This is a book I’ve been eyeing for a while at the place where I buy all my DVDs… and today I finally caved and bought it. The reason I’ve been hesitating to buy it these last two months is because the entire book was covered in plastic, and so I couldn’t look inside! I’m glad I trusted my curiosity, though, because after sifting through it a little after I arrived at home I can already tell that I’ll enjoy this book. It’s a collection of portrait pictures of famous faces, two pages dedicated to each person: one for their picture and one for what they have to say. It mostly consists of quotes from the person in question about something they have discovered about themselves one time or another. Interesting, to say the least!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Illustrated by Jim Kay (J.K Rowling) – Harry Potter… need I say more? I was beyond excited when my Amazon order made it to my doorstep and I was able to see up close the illustrations of Jim Kay, absolutely beautiful! The details are amazing and it’s a little piece of magic to have on my shelf, it has a designated spot right next to my Harry Potter Wizard Collection, squee!


This month’s purchases on the dvd front consists of: Casablanca, Serena, Into the Woods and the Charles Dickens Collection.

I fell in love with Casablanca when my sister showed it to me, so when I stumbled across it in store I knew I had to have it in my own collection! I enjoyed both Serena and Into the Woods a lot. Serena being a very intense drama film that really kept me on edge, and it was fun to see how all the fairytales I’ve come to know over the years came together in Into the Woods. All of these are different types of films, depending on what mood I was looking to feed.

The final piece of the puzzle came today when I was killing time before my bus arrived and stumbled across a collection of Dickens’ works that had been adapted for the big screen, all compiled into a nifty little box (I love box sets). I think it was only last week when I was trying to figure out which version of Oliver Twist I had watched on TV during Christmas break as a kid, they’d divided it up into episodes and I couldn’t remember much else, just that I had enjoyed it a lot. Now I have the chance to experience not just Oliver Twist whenever I like, but also A Tale of Two Cities (‘It was the best of times it was the worst of times…’ ah, such a famous passage!) and a lot of others. The set makes up 11 film adaptations, making it clock in on 47 hours total, or something in that range!

In case you didn’t know: I really love films, tv shows, books and music! And my taste varies greatly, so there’s really no pattern to what I dive into at times — which I really like, because it makes for a certain level of unpredictability, even for me! Plus, I get to experience things I might not necessarily have had the privilege to encounter if I’d stuck to only a specific type of area or preference.

November might have been iffy health wise, but I’m really pleased with these new additions to my collections. Tomorrow December will finally be here and all things Christmas can begin! I should probably get started on sorting out Christmas presents so that I don’t have to stress about it later…

– Martie xx


Whims + Feelings

Isn’t it ironic how when you have all the time in the world everything works out fine, but when you have to be somewhere at a specific time then obstacles occur?

I called in to my osteopath’s office today to book an appointment because the pains in my jaw have been acting up. Usually I get a slot 3-4 weeks down the line, but they’d had a cancellation and could take me in today, which was pleasant news. I set out with almost an hour to spare, fed my car some fuel so that we’d actually make our destination and was in town ten minutes later. In theory I had over half an hour to find a parking spot, but you see when it’s sunny here (which has been a massive rarity this summer) it seems like every single person in a mile’s circuit comes out of hibernation and migrates to all the places I frequent. Not only were the streets filled with people, there were cars everywhere, some had even given up on finding parking spaces and just parked on the curb all over the place. Chaos. I could just see the clock on my dashboard ticking away, minute by minute, but I still had time.

I have this route I do when searching for a parking space, it seldom disappoints me, but today it was filled to the brim with cars and no one seemed to slide out either. I circled so many times with absolutely no luck and eventually had to succumb to a parking garage, and even that one was ridiculously full. The only reason I got a space was because someone else backed out just as I came inside. Clearly I did not get the memo on whatever was happening today to cause this influx of cars, and people.

But, picture this: it’s ten minutes until my appointment, I’m a ten-ish minute walk away at this point (if the traffic lights are on my side) and I’m in 14cm heels. It was sunny and I was happy, and that usually means heels for me. So you’ve got me that’s walking quickly and half running to catch green lights (people staring because of the running girl in tall heels, waiting to see if I’ll fall on my face no doubt) and checking the time on my phone every twenty or so seconds. By the time I make it to my osteopath’s office there’s only a minute left. I’m panting and sweating at this point because of the warmth and just happy I made it in time, only he ended up being almost fifteen minutes late because of the client before me. It truly made me laugh. I hate being late, if anything I’m always early, so at least the delay was on his part and not mine, and it allowed me to catch my breath some, haha. I’m fully aware that the world won’t implode if I’m a minute late, but I hate it all the same… me and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland have that in common.

After being poked and prodded, a few needles in my jaw and having cracked my neck four times, I was done. I’m always a bit dazed after these sessions, as if my body is half in shock over all the things he’s set in motion by loosening those knots and tight muscles. When that reaction subsides, though, I feel incredibly refreshed and so I got myself an iced sweet chili coffee before heading back to the car. Originally I was planning to sit down with a book I just got and drink my coffee there, but the place was packed to the brim so instead I decided to head for home. I recently ordered from Amazon for the first time in forever, that seems to be a running theme in my life these days: doing things for the first time in so and so long. It feels nice.


My next read is The Horse Dancer by Jojo Moyes, which I’m excited about simply because I have no clue what it’s about. But I really enjoyed Me Before You and The Last Letter From You Lover, so I’m excited for this one. Lately I’ve come into the habit of buying books based on whims and feelings, not because I’ve done meticulous research and ended up at a specific title as a result, and so far it’s been great, it’s taken me to books and authors and genres I normally don’t venture into.

The sun is still out so I’m off to begin this book on the terrace with some iced tea in hand before I have to pack for a camping trip I’m doing with friends this weekend. I’m looking forward to the trip, but I’m rubbish at packing, so I’m postponing doing that yet again, haha. I’m bringing red wine and monopoly, it’ll be interesting to see if the friendships survive the weekend when the competitive instinct comes out to play…

– Martie xx