Instagram Photo Challenge

Here it is, the promised follow up to my previous post! To start us off I’ll have to point you in the direction of an Australian based clothing brand called Blackmilk, they specialise in nylon clothing with a lot of cool prints, everything from a galaxy picture (taken by NASA) printed onto dresses and skirts, a license agreement with Disney, BBC, Game of Thrones, DC comics ++ that lead to some really cool gear, or the rainbow coloured snake skin print dress I wore in the picture on my last post! Everything is made and sewn in Australia to support fair working conditions and wages, which is a huge plus I feel! And it’s all incredibly comfy to boot! 

Blackmilk only operate online and the fanbase (Sharkies) are pretty active posting selfies in their Blackmilk pieces as each piece has a designated hashtag and when you apply it to your photo it shows up at their website alongside that piece so that people can see how it looks and fits outside of a studio!

Blackmilk (bm for short) Pic A Day May is a month long photo challenge in May where each day has a theme and sharkies all across the globe participate in posting pictures that goes with the day’s theme, the only rule is that you have to incorporate bm into your photo in some way. It’s a fun creative thing to participate in and a great way to discover other sharkies. Blackmilk gather their favourites for each day in an album on facebook and at the end of the month there is one prize winner of a $100 australian dollar gift card and two runner ups. I’m not thinking that I have a chance there as I know there are some pretty photo skilled sharkies out there, but it’s really fun to participate! 

This is how it looks:

The sharkie community is also the most loving group of people I have ever met and some have even become close friends of mine! 

If you’re curious to see some of the entries you can pop on over to my instagram and just click on the bmpicadaymay hashtag to see other entries as well! Today’s theme is, as you can see in the picture above, I Love Animals, so of course that was a perfect excuse for me to snap some pics of my cat!

Happy Sunday to you! 

– Martie

Whims + Feelings

Isn’t it ironic how when you have all the time in the world everything works out fine, but when you have to be somewhere at a specific time then obstacles occur?

I called in to my osteopath’s office today to book an appointment because the pains in my jaw have been acting up. Usually I get a slot 3-4 weeks down the line, but they’d had a cancellation and could take me in today, which was pleasant news. I set out with almost an hour to spare, fed my car some fuel so that we’d actually make our destination and was in town ten minutes later. In theory I had over half an hour to find a parking spot, but you see when it’s sunny here (which has been a massive rarity this summer) it seems like every single person in a mile’s circuit comes out of hibernation and migrates to all the places I frequent. Not only were the streets filled with people, there were cars everywhere, some had even given up on finding parking spaces and just parked on the curb all over the place. Chaos. I could just see the clock on my dashboard ticking away, minute by minute, but I still had time.

I have this route I do when searching for a parking space, it seldom disappoints me, but today it was filled to the brim with cars and no one seemed to slide out either. I circled so many times with absolutely no luck and eventually had to succumb to a parking garage, and even that one was ridiculously full. The only reason I got a space was because someone else backed out just as I came inside. Clearly I did not get the memo on whatever was happening today to cause this influx of cars, and people.

But, picture this: it’s ten minutes until my appointment, I’m a ten-ish minute walk away at this point (if the traffic lights are on my side) and I’m in 14cm heels. It was sunny and I was happy, and that usually means heels for me. So you’ve got me that’s walking quickly and half running to catch green lights (people staring because of the running girl in tall heels, waiting to see if I’ll fall on my face no doubt) and checking the time on my phone every twenty or so seconds. By the time I make it to my osteopath’s office there’s only a minute left. I’m panting and sweating at this point because of the warmth and just happy I made it in time, only he ended up being almost fifteen minutes late because of the client before me. It truly made me laugh. I hate being late, if anything I’m always early, so at least the delay was on his part and not mine, and it allowed me to catch my breath some, haha. I’m fully aware that the world won’t implode if I’m a minute late, but I hate it all the same… me and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland have that in common.

After being poked and prodded, a few needles in my jaw and having cracked my neck four times, I was done. I’m always a bit dazed after these sessions, as if my body is half in shock over all the things he’s set in motion by loosening those knots and tight muscles. When that reaction subsides, though, I feel incredibly refreshed and so I got myself an iced sweet chili coffee before heading back to the car. Originally I was planning to sit down with a book I just got and drink my coffee there, but the place was packed to the brim so instead I decided to head for home. I recently ordered from Amazon for the first time in forever, that seems to be a running theme in my life these days: doing things for the first time in so and so long. It feels nice.


My next read is The Horse Dancer by Jojo Moyes, which I’m excited about simply because I have no clue what it’s about. But I really enjoyed Me Before You and The Last Letter From You Lover, so I’m excited for this one. Lately I’ve come into the habit of buying books based on whims and feelings, not because I’ve done meticulous research and ended up at a specific title as a result, and so far it’s been great, it’s taken me to books and authors and genres I normally don’t venture into.

The sun is still out so I’m off to begin this book on the terrace with some iced tea in hand before I have to pack for a camping trip I’m doing with friends this weekend. I’m looking forward to the trip, but I’m rubbish at packing, so I’m postponing doing that yet again, haha. I’m bringing red wine and monopoly, it’ll be interesting to see if the friendships survive the weekend when the competitive instinct comes out to play…

– Martie xx

The Little Things

Today has been a day to remember. Not because of anything extraordinary, but simply because it was a good day. The sun was shining from a blue sky, and the temperature had gone up to 20 degrees celsius. In other words it was not a day I wanted to spend locked up inside. I grabbed a friend (contrary to popular belief I do have one of those) and we bought ourselves some coffee before taking a walk around the city. The entire human population in the city seemed to have come out of hibernation – we do that when the sun decides to grant us with its presence – filling up every nook and cranny of the outdoor seatings. With camera in hand we walked around the Cathedral and continued into the Archbishop’s Palace, to then move through the courtyard towards the Marina and then round back through the graveyard belonging to the Cathedral – taking pictures along the way.

Before leaving home my last order from Blackmilk Clothing arrived and so of course I had to wear one of the skirts it contained. This is my day in pictures, which basically consists of a lot of outfit pictures, laughter and just a happy mood in general. My face honestly hurts from all the smiling and laughing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

IMG_2230IMG_2241IMG_2252 IMG_2267 IMG_2256IMG_2287IMG_2294IMG_2305IMG_2302IMG_2309IMG_2311 IMG_2319

If there is one thing I always try to do it is to appreciate the little things, they are worth so much more than we tend to give them credit for.

– Martie xx

Croissants, Coffee and Dragons


It’s currently 07:53am and I am sat in my favourite coffee shop drinking a coffee called ‘sweet chili’, it’s honestly a hail mary during this morning! I have had about one hour of sleep total, not voluntarily I assure you. I have had several good weeks without much insomnia and I am hoping that this does not mean it is back — with a vengeance. The sky’s finally clearing after some morning snowfall, that fortunately did not settle because I’ve had enough snow for now. There’s a buzzing of people as  they’re all getting their morning caffeine jolt before work while I sit here with music low on my ear, watching everyone bustling in and out the door.


No dairy free breakfast options available so I chose the least offensive… but it is okay because I already have vicious stomach cramps and it honestly can not get any worse.

So, why I am up this early then? Well, I was originally going to take the 8am bus into town as I have an appointment at nine, but when I woke up after finally getting some shuteye and couldn’t fall back asleep I hopped on the bus an hour early and brought my laptop instead. I don’t even feel like a zombie, which makes me think that a crash might be on the horizon… here’s to hoping that does not happen.

It’s an hour until my appointment, which is part of my treatment plan for my M.E. It’s this Norwegian developed method called ‘Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy ‘ (NPMP), which has had some positive impact on people with chronic illnesses. Personally I have only had a few sessions, but I can already say I am noticing small changes in my body so I am very positive to see how this will work further down the line!

Skjermbilde 2015-04-13 kl. 08.11.37

However! It’s officially once again dragon season! Or, as some might say: time for a new season of Game of Thrones! So in honour of that I am sporting my Team Targaryen shirt today, because dragons. I’ll once again be resuming my HBO Nordic subscription when I get back home as I do every year at this time, haha! I know there’s a leak with the first half of the season out there, but I honestly do not want to cheat. We only get ten episodes and I want to savour them! I only hope I’ll be able to avoid any spoilers until the series catches up with the leak!

– Martie xx

Starbucks Lovers

Hi, hey, hello!

Thought these were bluebells at first, but that's clearly not the case. Regardless they were really pretty!

Thought these were bluebells at first, but that’s clearly not the case. Regardless, they were extremely pretty!

I’ll begin by saying that walking outside in a leather jacket in the beginning of April is not necessarily a good idea, especially not if your location, like mine, is close to the northern hemisphere. Why am I saying this? Glad you asked. You see, last Saturday I did just this and it really wasn’t a problem… until it started snowing. This was not part of my ‘let’s drive into town, get a coffee and walk by the quiet river’ plan, hence the leather jacket. The snow came regardless, however, and as the coffee shop was filled to the brim I had to flee back to my car, which, to be fair, wasn’t that far away but by the time I made it back it was too late. So, here I am, six days later, sporting a sore throat.

You know what the best thing to do when you have a sore throat is? Eat cold stuff. But as irony has it I can no longer eat delicious things such as ice cream, no sir, fate did a cruel twist in 2014! The thing about having ME is that you can get real sensitive to some groups of food, in my case my body decided to go “begone dairy and egg whites! I banish thee!” (21 years I relied on cheese to get me through the month, no more) and so began the life without dairy and egg whites… my point is that the solution to today’s predicament was a Starbucks frappe!

It’s so easy! Walk in there, place an order and tadda! Cold coffee! Or so I thought… bless my ignorant heart and let’s hope it’ll recover from this discovery (I don’t think it can). It’s common knowledge that Starbucks has a tendency to misspell names, you give them Emilie and they give you Emily, or as I once did: gave them my friend’s name Marthe and they gave me Greta, because logic.

This is how today’s Starbucks adventure went:

Me: Hi! Could I please have a grande caramel frappuccino with soya milk, and I’d love two espresso shots in it as well!

At this point my mouth is salivating at the thought of the cold liquid against my sore throat! And so I pay the total amount and wait for it to get done. I watch one of the baristas make a frappe but I stand there thinking “hmmm, that can’t be mine” as she puts it in a blender marked ‘dairy’. She proceeds to fill the beverage into a plastic cup before bringing out the cream. “Yeah, nope, definitely not mine,” I think, although to be honest I was jealous of the person who was going to get that thing because holy christmas morning I miss having cream on my frappe! Not to mention the delicious caramel on top! (Yes, I have a sweet tooth, sue me.)

Barista: Caramel frappe for Martie!

Me thinking: oh dear… I could just take it and not tell anyone… The pain would be so worth it. 

You see, I’m not actually allergic to dairy, I’m just really sensitive. Meaning: I don’t get allergic reactions, I get bloated and then various levels of sharp, piercing pain follows!

Me saying out loud: errr… uhmmm…. 

Me thinking: oh shit, I want this frappe so bad…. Just take it and run!

Me saying out loud: that’s me, but it was supposed to be with soya milk and no cream.


I think my soul cried a bit as I watched it go into the bin before she handed me my proper order… truth is: at Starbucks nothing is ever simple. But you’d think, wouldn’t you, that when someone orders a drink with soya it’s because of an allergy? And yet I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to ask them to remake something because they used regular milk. Thankfully I don’t get allergic reactions because if so I’d have had to give up this vice months and months ago! Oh, the horror! That is, if I’d survived long enough to actually make that sacrifice.

You should know, though, on the outside I was very composed! Smiled and thanked her and everything, she never had a clue about my inner battle.


Actually took an outfit picture at the Cathedral’s graveyard today before the Starbucks Escapades took place as I had some time to… uhm… let’s just say I had some time on my hands.

Until next time!

– Martie xx