About Me

~Lover of words, animals and skittles ~

Martie is my British pet name, a nickname that came to be when my friend found out I had never, in my life, possessed a nickname. She took on this mission and created said name, which has stuck ever since it came to be several years ago. It has become like a second name to me and I absolutely love it.

I’m a 22 year old dreamer from nearly the middle of Norway, residing outside the city of Trondheim. Despite my location I am having a love affair with England, a country I try to visit as often as I can as it holds some of my favourite people!

Writing is a passion of mine and I plan to study Creative Writing when the time comes as I am currently fighting a chronic illness called ME (Myalgic  Encephalomyelitis) and am unable to embark on that adventure just yet.

My cat’s the feline 007, license to kill, agent, he also goes by the name Bond. James Bond. I’m not even kidding, I was 11 okay… I also have a dog and these two goofballs behave as Garfield and Odie 90% of the time.

Life is a constant inspiration for me, be it music, pictures, people, scenery, books, films — you name it, I love it. This blog will reflect that as my brain tends to draw the weirdest conclusions at times or conjure up the most absurd thoughts.

Welcome to a piece of my world! xx



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