Going With the Flow

“and the sky smiled

right back at you,

like it knew a little

more about you, each


– r.m drake –

Today has been such an amazing day, some things were planned and some weren’t. I sincerily enjoy to just take some hours to ‘loiter’ about, without planning what to see or do, just going with whatever whims that come to mind, whatever feels good and right.

The sun came out to play today, which is nice even though it isn’t very warm yet; it’s just that the sun is an instant mood booster for me so I really can’t help but enjoy myself when it comes out!

I worked for a few hours, had coffee with a friend, we talked and laughed for hours and then he helped me take some pictures for this challenge I’m doing on instagram (I actually plan on doing a separate post on this because it’s quite fun!). That was followed by a long walk through the streets together before I headed off to eat dinner with my parents at this new burger place that only does homemade burgers, the meat and buns are all prepared from scratch by them (!!), they are honestly divine! The rest of my afternoon and evening was actually open after that, I had plans to meet up with somebody but no specific time was set so I walked around some more before sitting down at a lovely café and readinh for a while, cranberry tea by my side, entering a world far from the one around me. Suddenly I got this idea that I wanted to see a movie and luckily it was still twenty minutes ’til it began so I wandered over to the cinema and had a few hours to myself in front of the big screen, sometimes laughing until my eyes watered. I found out after that my original plans for the evening fell through, but I honestly do not mind because I’ve enjoyed myself so much today, it’s been a very Martie type of day considering I’m the type of person who can devote an entire day to the cinema, emerging only to read between films. This kind of me time just fills me with a wonderful calm and it’s just like it centers me.

I couldn’t have had a better Tuesday even if I’d tried to plan it! Hope you had an amazing day as well!

With love,

– Martie xx


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