Out of My Control

While preparing to take the cat to the vet I can’t help but worry… when it comes to my pets I’m such a worry wart because I hate knowing they are in pain on any kind of level, and the fact that it’s completely out of my control. Both my cat and dog have gotten old, Bond (the cat) is now 11 and Marco (the dog) is 10 with arthritis that is slowly wearing him out because of the severity. 

Today it’s Bond’s turn for a check as he has had some recurring problems that could have a simple solution or it could be something severe, the thing is that things are rarely severe but it is so incredibly easy for my head to go there, even when I try not to. 

Blargh. Vet visits are never fun, but I truly hope it’s an easy fix and that my goldenboy is still healthy — the fact that one of my boys is severely ill and there’s nothing I can do to fix it is bad enough, I don’t know what I’d do if they both were down for the count… 

No, nope, nu-uh, I refuse to go there so let’s just hope everything is okay and that he just has worms or something. 

– Martie xx 

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