Devonne by Demi

I have struggled with bad skin for… well, I’ve lost track of how many years it’s been, at least four. I’ll get this cysts instead of regular pimples or spots, and there are always some of them just beneath the surface of my skin. Some of them will grow on the surface, but there are a lot more lumps hiding out of plain sight, all I have to do is place a finger on one of my cheeks and I’ll feel several. It results in a lot of scarring on my face, and it is also painful at times.

No one seem to be able to figure out how to make these buggers go away so it has resulted in me trying a lot of different skin care lines. The doctors’ solutions always entail hormones and antibiotics, and after succumbing my body to a three months long antibiotics treatment without any clear results I have set my sights elsewhere, as I am not comfortable with being propped full of hormones — the side effects and risks are just not worth it to me. With that in mind I recently ordered a skin care line called ‘Devonne by Demi’.


I have seen a lot of reviews online of people swearing to these products, claiming it helped them with skin problems they didn’t know could be so easily fixed, so I’m very optimistic! Devonne by Demi have only recently begun to offer international shipping, so it’s always been out of reach for me, until now! The set contain a deep facial cleanser, a hydrating radiance mist and a 3in1 moisturizer that also works as a primer.  It’s a major plus that these products are not only devoid of harsh chemicals, but have also not been tested on animals!


Demi Lovato is a spokesperson and a big advocate for the rights of people with mental health issues, and as a result a portion of proceeds from each purchase is donated to her foundation ‘the Lovato Treatment Scholarship’. A necklace with the words “This Helps” is added to the purchase as a thank-you for contributing to the foundation:


I absolutely love the work Demi Lovato is doing for people suffering from mental health issues, not only by creating awareness and understanding, but also petitioning for healthcare rights as well! So should these products prove to not work on my (stubborn) skin then I’ve still supported a good cause that I believe in.

If you have personal experience with Devonne by Demi then I’d love to hear what you have to say!

– Martie xx

PS: the candle that came with the order smells DIVINE!

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