Unusual Early Bird

Morning! I was up and about by 7am today even though I have nothing going on, so that’s a rare one for me. I’ve always had trouble getting out of bed before eleven even with alarms. Fun fact: when I used to have the early shift at work I’d have forty alarms on my phone, forty! That’s sloth mode right there… it’s not nearly as bad as that anymore though, thankfully!

I’m all set with my morning routine, which consists of breakfast, tea and netflix on the appleTV. I’ve had to take some extra supplements this morning because my doctor texted me last night saying that my bloodwork came back and my vitamin D levels are low again. For the last three years my vitamin D levels have dropped below normal at least twice a year, some times more, so it wasn’t really a surprise. Here we go again!

I’m tempted to go for a swim at the community pool today, but it doesn’t open for adults until 8pm so I’m hoping I’m feeling well enough to go even for a few laps. I absolutely love water! I used to swim a lot, even did it competitively as a kid but my skin couldn’t handle all the exposure to the chlorine so I had to quit, but I still love to go in the water and clear my mind when I can. I’m a water sign, pisces, so that may be it. 

Here’s to hoping!

– Martie xx

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