The Doctor’s Verdict

Good morning! It’s December 1st and it’s snowing, I absolutely love snow and December so this makes me extremely happy! I’m cuddled up with a blanket and tea while watching Bones on Netflix, a cat sleeping in my lap and a dog snoozing at my feet, apparently we’re all a bit lazy here, hehe. 

I recently found out that the reason I’ve been so ill in November was not because I’d picked up new symptoms and my illness was flaring up, but rather because I’ve had a viral infections according to the doctor. I am not a fan of viral infections as it takes me ages to recover from it, but I’m glad there was some ‘normal’ explanation for how I was feeling for once. Now I’m taking a week off from obligations to recouperate in the hopes that it’ll help my body recover. 

In doing so I’m eating a little differently because I’ve been dealing with a lot of stomach pains. So, now I’m taking one tablet of lactic acid bacteria a day that’s also designed to help strengthen the immune system and I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast each morning, and on some days I switch to a different brand that contains chia seeds as it’s good for protein and energy. Fiber and full grains seem to already be having a positive effect as I’m in less pain than what I’ve had to endure these last few weeks. I’m hoping this will help to better my health considering it’s been a bit bleh lately. I’m figuring out this food thing as I go along as I have to see how my body reacts to different kinds of foods, but there’s still no harm in eating better, hopefully it’ll be what my body needs as well. 

Also, how cute is Marco? I can’t resist that adorable face, look!  

I should probably find out what he wants so he’ll stop whining, haha. 

– Martie xx

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