Childhood Memories

It all started with some chopsticks… today I took a picture of these Witch chopsticks that I have kept for years (got it in a Witch magazine when I was younger) and sent it to my cousin who I know also collected this comic at the same time as me, which led to us talking about all the magazines we collected over the years. I wondered where my collection had gone, I couldn’t imagine myself ever having thrown it away so I went on a search throughout the house and when coming up empty I took the search to the attic of the garage. Ding-ding-ding Jackpot! 

Everything was stored away in a box alongside a lot of other childhood memorabilia and I brought it back inside. I just finished sorting through it all and this was the result:  

Apparently I bought these comics without fail from 2002-2006 as every single one from that time period is there. Plus, books containing the beginning of the series to the point where I began collecting and a few magazines I’ve bought on whims in later years. 

I remember loving this series sooo much and it’s extremely fun seeing it all again! I’m going to reread then at some point because the nostalgia is getting to me!

Oh, and it turns out the chopsticks are from late 2004! And I still use them! How fun is that?

– Martie xx

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