Sick Again… but in Good Company

I should just stop getting surprised when this happens, because it seems to be every other day! I was at my work placement today and I was fine, until I wasn’t. In the span of thirty minutes I went from great to iffy to awful. I left fifteen minutes early so that I could pop by the pharmacy before catching my bus, and I’ve been on the couch ever since! My cat’s been keeping me company though, so it’s all good!

I’ve watched “Jumpers For Goalposts” for the second time since I got it on Saturday, and I’m just blown away by the talent that is Ed Sheeran! A musical genius, for sure. Then me and the cat waltzed to ‘Thinking Out Loud’ as you do, he loves it and whenever I hear the song I think of him so it’s like our special thing (yayaya, crazy cat lady, I know, I know, and loving it).  

That’s a good night from us!

– Martie xx

6 thoughts on “Sick Again… but in Good Company

  1. God bedring vakre ❤ husk at når du er frisk igjen så er du hjertelig velkommen på vin-og-coockie-kveld til meg med "Home" og annet jenterelevant (og heeelt fotbalfritt) innhold 🙂

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