16 Personalities

Have you heard of 16 Personalities? It’s this test where you take ten-ish minutes to answer a series of questions which you range the accuracy of and as a result you get assigned a series of letters that make up your personality, and it’s freakily accurate! Mine was so incredibly spot on that it was almost like they’d been living inside my head because there were specified sections that rung true on such an accurate level that I was almost scared shitless!

This is all based on solid research so it’s a reason why it can be so relatable. The theory is that there are a total of 16 personalities, but there are also two variations within each personality depending on if you’re an A (assertive) or T (turbulent) type. I’m a T, shocker… My levels of stress and often erratic moods and behavior does not belong with an A type personality.  

It was very interesting to read about as some of my moods can get so freakishly intense that I some times wonder if I’ve completely lost my marbles, but no it’s actually quite normal within my type of personality before you’ve learned to master the ebb and flow of your emotions, not only that but it’s very usual for this type of personality to wake up in one state of mind and not long after shift to the completely other end of the spectrum for no apparent reason — guilty as charged… If you were wondering then my personality type is INFP-T, and I’m in the company of Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Virginia Wolfe, Franz Kafka, George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp to name a few. 

The profile that you get assigned after the test holds a fairly specific description on several categories, also including typical strengths and weaknesses within the personality. You can read all of them if you want, I’ve read quite a few because it’s so interesting, but I really recommend taking the test yourself to see which one applies to you. 

If you feel comfortable with posting your result down below in the comment section, (if you do end up taking it) then please do, because it’s very interesting to see!

My entire family did it at some point yesterday and it was really fun to see our different personalities put down on paper like that! And it also showed why we get along so well, because we complete each other on several areas, creating a sort of balance between us. This was especially true on my parents’ part, so different but yet so alike, and they really counter-balance the other! 

You can find everything on 16 Personalities here

– Martie

6 thoughts on “16 Personalities

    1. Very interesting read! It’s fundementally the same test and theory as well, they just come in various phrased ways these days, but are still the same! I ended up buying the e-book on my personality type just because it was so fascinating to read about something I thought was so personal and chaotic, and yet it’s laid out in such a structured way!

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      1. Right? I felt the same way, like I’d been secretly monitored or something, haha! And apparently less than 4% have the same type as me, but I’d guess yours is more rare as you and my sister have almost the same and hers is less than 1%, freaky how little that is!


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