One Too Many Curveballs

Curveball after curveball seems to be the norm in my life these days. I was finally getting back on my feet only to then pick up something else and fall ill again, not that I’m surprised as this is the season where almost everyone is contagious with something big or little and my immune system is severely lacking, so… it’s a 2+2 kinda thing. It’s okay though, because after a few days in bed I’m back up again and most importantly I’m eating again, whooo, and I’m reading as I have no chance to write these day — as a result I’m waaay behind on nanowrimo, but oh well, I might not hit 50K, but I’ll get as far as I can when I get back to writing!

I got new reading glasses and you know what? It’s AMAZING! Here’s why: they give my head a break and yesterday I read ALL DAY and I didn’t have any consequences, that was such a lost luxury for me that I could almost cry with happiness! 

I got a new book delivered last night (knocked on my door at almost 7pm the DHL guy did) and I’ve been devouring that book like crazy, can’t wait to go into detail about it because it’s one of the best Young Adult books I’ve read in a LONG time, stay tuned! wink-wink nudge-nudge…

– Martie xx

2 thoughts on “One Too Many Curveballs

  1. Yep the curveballs will keep coming. The skill is to dodge, catch gracefully, bounce it back…. whatever it takes! Glad you’re feeling stronger. You remind me (thank you!) that I’m way overdue for an eye test! x

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    1. Yes, it’s a dance I haven’t mastered all the turns of, but I play along until I’m back in familiar steps… Mine was way overdue as well, kept forgetting so it was about time haha!


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