My Nano Bubble

Writing. Writing. Writing. That is basically what takes up space in my mind these days, how, when, how much and how the best way is to make the words flow. After three days of partly forcing the words out I finally detected the problem: this is a story that will thrive better in past tense, and as I was writing in present tense (and as a result feeling like I was murdering a seemingly okay idea) this proved to be a problem. So, today I switched on the spot in the middle of the chapter, and finished the chapter this way, catching up with today’s word count goal in the process, and then I went back and rewrote the whole thing into past tense.

Even though nano is all about silencing your inner editor it was driving me mad to not do it, especially as I plan to post the story on Wattpad as I go along, and how can I do that if the beginning is in a different tense that sounds absolutely horrible? Let me just tell you that it was such a good decision and I didn’t mind the extra work one bit because as a result I now enjoy writing Nickels story. Luckily I don’t have too much of an editor brain so I didn’t change the story as a whole, I just rewrote the sentences to fit the new style.

I now have 7000 words and three completed chapters that I’ve also now posted onto my Wattpad account. The first chapter can be found here if you want to have a look!

My plan for tomorrow is to take my laptop with me as I head into town for work and hopefully when I finish at noon I’ll still be up for some writing as I need to get ahead of my designated word count goals as I’m spending literally the entire Saturday at the cinema, and I find it much more motivating to be ahead as opposed to playing catch up!

It still remains to be seen if I can follow through on my plan as my health fluctuates a lot these days, so for all I know I’ll have to head straight home from work, or I might have to leave early, or I might not even be able to go at all. Such things are usually revealed in the morning, but regardless I bring my laptop with me basically everywhere I go just in case.

– Martie xx

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