Laidback Thursday

It’s Thursday! This is of no big significance for my week other than the fact that another week seem to just have flown by… tomorrow it’ll suddenly be the weekend again. 

I’m currently seated outside on the porch with a book and some tea, as I wasn’t feeling all that great today I thought I’d aim for some fresh air; my body seems to be caught beneath a blanket of grogginess, it’s very frustrating as it’s the same state one is in when first waking up, except I’ve been awake for three hours.   

I actually overshot how many warm layers I needed as the sun warmed more than I had originally thought, but I can never be too careful as I don’t want another cold! I hope that some fresh air will help wake me up. There are birds bustling in the hedge and airplanes crusing overhead, no doubt people escaping to warmer scenery…

The plan for today is to finish the cleaning of my room, but if that’ll happen remains to be seen as in order for it to become a reality I need my body and mind to perk up! The day’s still young so I am motivated for this to work. 
– Martie xx

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