Change in Season

Fall is one of my favourite seasons (I can’t really pick a favourite season because I love something about all of them), there’s no denying the beauty in the changing of the leaves, the drop in temperature, layers, thick scarves and knit sweaters, and the seasonal coffees and baking! And I’ve become more interested in baking and cooking lately, so I decided to try something new!

Yesterday I watched a youtube video on making Apple Crisp and I figured I’d try it for myself today. I was feeling a little better and drove into the city to go to one of the bigger grocery stores as this is an american recipe and my regular shop doesn’t carry all of the ingredients required — like maple syrup for example, weird, but true. I also got some tofu ice cream, I had no idea that there was ice cream I could eat that also tasted good, but my sister told me about it a few days ago and what better way to enjoy it than beside some apple crisp fresh from the oven? 

  I got way too many apples, but might just have to make an apple and cinnamon pie this week as well so they don’t spoil.
 The crumble consisted of almond flour, gluten free oats, date sugar (I couldn’t find date sugar so I used coconut sugar instead), nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut oil and maple syrup. 
   Fresh from the oven after 30 minutes, it smelled divine! It’s vegan as well, which I know is a bonus for many people out there!


Tasted as good as it smelled too! 
If you’re interested in the recipe click here,  you’ll find it in the description part of the video! 

– Martie xx


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