Lifestyle Alteration

I’ve slowly been making alterations with my lifestyle according to what my body can handle, and I recently tried something new that I want to mention as it’s had a positive effect very quickly:

This last week I’ve been getting into yoga, which I’ve never actually done before. When I was at my worst I bought a dvd with ‘Yoga for Stressrelief’ but I never did anything on a regular basis, but I recently bought a yoga app that has everything from beginner to advanced, 15-30-60 minute sessions with either relaxation, stretch, strength or combination. So even a weakling like me can find something that fits! My body quickly fell in love with this and I felt incredibly more relaxed on a core level than usual and a little more energy, and even though I haven’t completely bounced back from being ill last week (recovery time is not as long as it used to be, but I’m hungry to get back to my new normal) yoga has been a positive addition to my life these days. I’ve also been going on longer walks, which completely cleaned my energy bank out yesterday, but I’m loving the nature walks with my friend and her husky (as my dog is too sick to go on these walk anymore, olg age has gotten to him) too much to be sad about it. 

Today is being spent on the couch with a cat on my chest and a dog on the floor below, and reality shows on TV, basically a lovely low-key Sunday. 

I’m positive to these new alterations in my life, especially when I get back to where I was before getting ill last week, and the good thing about yoga is that there’s such a broad spectrum of courses that there’s something for everyone who’s interested to try it out. 

Here’s to the closing of one week and looking forward to a new one! Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

– Martie xx

3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Alteration

  1. Hi Martie, glad you’re bouncing back and energy levels allowing you to have more enjoyment. yoga is great isn’t it in that it’s always possible to do something and feel better for it, even literally 5 minutes of gentle stretching?!

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    1. Yes! It’s absolutely amazing! Because a few stretches and breathing exercises can actually improve what was looking to be before the session a low-energy day and completely turn things around as the body suddenly feels refreshed. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to learn more about it!

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