Color Me Awkward

I’m currently seated by a lake after taking a stroll up here to walk off the remaining alcohol in my system. Here’s a thing about me: I get texting happy whenever I drink, the need triples if I’m even remotely bored for less than five minutes. 

So, I wonder what possessed me to write up a message to someone I met once a week ago and spent one evening with (or I don’t. Wine possessed me). Backstory is that this person talked a lot about different types of music and it got me curious so I looked at this person’s spotify playlists and absolutely fell in love with one of them that were public. This is not a bad thing, not remotely, but I’d like to say:

Dear me, myself and I,

Just because you begin a message by saying ‘I’m not a stalker but..’ that does NOT make you sound any less like a stalker. And just because you figure out after sending said message that it may have sounded strange, and out of the blue, why go on google to find a penguin gif from Madagascar labeled ‘you didn’t see anything’ and attach ‘no no no forget I ever said anything’ as you so clearly changed your mind about saying anything? This person does not know you well enough for you to do this. Next time just leave your phone at home. 

Sincerely, yourself. 

It’s not like I said anything bad or wrong or  anything that could haunt me forever, I just really should find better ways to word myself if I for some reason just feel compelled to say something, even though I truly don’t have to voice all thoughts that enter my mind. Wine seems to think so though. 

– Martie xx

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