Heat Got Me Melting

It’s safe to say that my wardrobe isn’t the most “active lifestyle” driven. I have two pairs of training tights, they both go down to my ankle because I’m a coldblooded creature that preserves heat badly, and it’s never been a problem; before today. 

It’s boiling hot, and because I am not very hellbent on fainting and having an up close greeting with the asphalt as a result during my bike ride I figured I had to head down to the sports shop and get a pair of shorts. HAHA, let me tell you about this ridiculous adventure: I walked in, looked, walked out. The prices were unbelievable! It’s a tiny piece of fabric, but from the pricetag you’d think the piece had been forged at the hands of fearies or the fabric was lined with 18 karat gold treads, I see no other possible explanation. 

This is why I prefer online shopping: bigger selection and various prices, because I’m not active to a point where I need super clothing, the lower range stuff works completely fine for my short outings. One day I might have to upgrade, but that day is not today, haha. My pair of future shorts will not be worn often enough for it to need a killer quality and all that goes with it. Besides, this gives me a good excuse to visit my favourite shopping sites, which is never a bad thing – unless you consult with my bank account… oh well, you can’t always win.
– Martie xx

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