Body Rehabilitation

Today I went on the second bike ride I’ve done in probably five years. I figured this is the best way to rebuild the muscles in my legs as they’re completely rotten. I am not exaggerating when I say that every time I pedal I can feel my kneecap slide back and forth, because there simply is not enough muscle to keep it in place. After complaining about pains in my knees a few months back I was told that I should start walking on days I could muster it, as my knees were dangerously low on muscle and it was no wonder that my kneecaps kept locking themselves in place, hah.

I basically live on top of a small mountain. Norway is all mountains, almost. The thing is, there is nowhere to go on a bike without having to embark on hills, in fact there is one right across the road from my house and there is no way around it as I basically live in the middle of a sleek hill as well. Therefore my cycling adventures usually last (usually, she says, after doing it twice in one week) around 20-30 minutes, but boy does it work. By the end my legs are burning because of what they’ve been subjected to. I can’t remember the last time I had such an intense burning sensation in my body and it wasn’t due to illness, so this is actually quite fun.

My body is rotten, there is no getting around that, but it’s getting better. These last two weeks I’ve gone on walks every single day, I’ve also mixed it up with some jogging and then I dug my bike out of the garage and fixed it up so that I could use it again and now I’m alternating with some cycling as well. I call this my body rehabilitation because I’m rebuilding so much of it.

It’s taking time, but my body is obviously getting a little stronger each day, but every progress is good progress, however small, and this is very exciting for me as I’m reclaiming my life. I’m not rid of this illness yet, I still don’t have an optimal functional level of energy so to speak, but it’s so much better than it used to be and so I have complete faith that I can kick this illness’ ass as long as I keep working hard, because it takes hard work and dedication to bounce back from anything that has knocked you down.

Right now I’m armed with a large mug of tea and a bowl of müsli with soy yoghurt as a snack, and I’m waiting for my episode to load up of ‘I Am Cait’, reality shows are my guilty pleasure.

I’ll leave you with something that Taylor Swift said when I was at her concert in Hyde Park in June: “You are not going nowhere just because you’re not where you want to be YET!” It’s important to remember that, I think, because some times the long road ahead can look pretty daunting, but you’ll get there eventually, just take the time that YOU need, not the amount of time other people think you need. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it, this much I’ve learned in the last few years of my life.

I’m off to feed my guilty pleasure! I hope you have an amazing day!

– Martie xx

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