Early Start For the Sloth

In the last twenty-four hours I’ve probably slept a total of twenty hours. Yesterday was just one of those days when my health was not on my side so I had trouble staying awake more than a couple of hours at a time, despite the ridiculous amount of sleep I was still able to get an early night and as a result an early start today. My alarm went off at 08:15 and by half eight I was up and walking, which really is a feat because no matter how much I sleep I still have trouble getting up early, I am just not a morning person.

I’ve driven into the city (because apparently the buses where I live don’t start until ten) and am now sitting in one of my favourite coffee shops. My sole intention today is to WRITE. The only reason my phone is even turned on is just so I can monitor the parking as I pay for parking through a local app, but that is it. I’ve been here for a little over half an hour now and so far so good. I’ve got a few hundred words down and hopefully I’ll be able to dig myself out of this writing rut today and get the story flowing again!

My hair’s in a messy knot that I didn’t undo after washing my face, I’m completely makeup-less due to a small infection on my eyelid and this only makes the bags under my eyes that more prominent. I probably look like something the bed threw up, but I couldn’t care less. I’ve learned to not zap the little energy that I have when not feeling a hundred percent and this is one of those days where I have to choose between spending time and energy on my appearance, or channel my energy into something else as I can’t have both. So I chose my writing as I haven’t been able to write properly for weeks.

Weird thing is that I haven’t even plugged in my music yet, as I usually do. Instead I’m sitting here, taking up a table that could seat four people (a bit self consciously, but there’s still plenty of places for people to sit), listening to the soft tapping of the keyboard belonging to a guy in the booth opposites mine, the low murmur of a conversation coming from across the floor from an older couple I suspect to be tourists, and the soothing music coming through the coffee shop’s speakers. Today this is exactly what I need as opposed to my own playlists and albums and songs.

Background noise makes for the best work environment for me, hence why this place is my favourite place to write. Hopefully it’ll help get this chapter going…

– Martie xx

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