A Mini Write-a-thon

So far so good on the writing front! After weeks of digging myself into a rut I’ve finally managed to climb back out. This has now turned into a race: my mind against my body. You see, right now I am so pumped that to stop writing is actually a bit painful because my mind’s screaming “No! I am not done yet!” whilst my body is beginning to crash. I came home a few hours ago after having written 3000 words in the city, first part in ‘my’ coffee shop, then the second part whilst eating lunch at a restaurant and then the final bit at the library. I went home because I could feel myself beginning to crash, which is never pleasant.

I’ve had a mini-meal to help my energy levels a bit, and also an hour long nap. I’m still feeling a bit meh, which seems to be my constant state these days. I’m having a forced break with tea and some vitamins in the hopes that it’ll help me recharge so that I can write more later on! Right now I’m extremely happy with today’s writing achievements, but like I said: my mind’s not done yet so I have so much more I want to get down. Hopefully I’ll hit 5K before I go to bed, you never know…


You never know just how dirty the screen of your laptop is until you take it outside into the sunshine… my apologies.

– Martie xx

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