The Business of Saving Ladybugs

Pollen season has gotten the best of me lately and so I’ve not been in the greatest shape. This might be the understatement of the century as I was mostly bedridden several days last week and was barely able to leave the house outside of appointments. I am slowly getting back on my feet though, which is why getting out today was very much welcomed!

I was able to fall asleep early yesterday, which was probably why I woke up fully rested a little after seven in the morning. I guess there’s a first time for everything… I enjoyed some Netflix alongside my breakfast, did some chores that had been neglected while I was feeling under the weather and also tried out a new braid I found online the other day.

IMG_2600 copy

I wasn’t feeling super great but I was itching to get out of the house and so I went into the city and enjoyed a frappe while doing some writing. I was about to head home when I thought I’d ask my mom if she wanted to grab dinner outside in the city, which she did (aren’t we a spontaneous bunch eh?) and so we enjoyed the warm weather and food. It’ll probably flip any minute so just have to enjoy it wile it lasts!

As we were walking from mom’s work a ladybug fell out of the air and landed on her shoulder and we didn’t want to just leave it in the city streets so we took it to a small park we passed on the way to the restaurant. I find ladybugs to be ridiculously adorable, just look at the little thing!

IMG_0835 copy

Here’s to hoping it stays nice and sunny for a while longer!

– Martie xx

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