Yesterday’s Sunny Lunch

It’s amazing how much you get out of a day when you get up early, I get baffled every time. Yesterday I had to get up at 6am to take the bus at 7am and I got back home around eleven. Not only was the sun shining, but it was WARM, cue me fetching the pillows for the outside furniture, some iced tea and strawberries. It wasn’t warm enough for tanning, but it was nice to sit outside and feel the sun warm my face with the dog lying at my feet while the cat took up the other chair.


When lunchtime came I made myself some pasta salad and toasted two pieces of bread. I decided to try out my new Olive and Almonds Pesto as I hadn’t quite decided if I liked it or not, so I had that on one and creme cheese on the other and brought it outside with me to enjoy.


After a few bites I concluded that I did not like the pesto, which honestly wasn’t a surprise as I’m not big on olives, but I wanted to try it nonetheless in case my taste had changed as it has been doing with a lot of things lately! My cat however did not agree with me on this one. First I let him onto my plate for shits and giggles because I thought there was no way he’d like the olive pesto, boy was I wrong. He started licking the bread with a newfound interest and I actually had to pull him away because I wasn’t entirely sure if he could consume it or not, I can’t imagine that it’s actually good for him. Some times he’s such a weirdo… first class salmon he does not like, but olive and almonds pesto he enjoys. I am going to stop pretending like I know anything anymore.


I had run out of iced tea so I tried to make my own, which I’d never done before. It failed, epically. Guess I’ll have to research different recipes as I really want to learn to make my own iced tea, it’d save me a lot of money as it’s my go-to drink on warm days!

– Martie xx

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