A Beautiful Magical Love Affair

Having to get up at 6am in order to catch the bus an hour later is made bearable when the sun comes out to play. Me and spring we have a love affair, not only because the season holds my birthday but because the turning of the seasons from winter to spring is absolutely magical. Snow and ice melts to give way to spring flowers that are brave enough to try their luck. Slowly but surely you can feel that orb up in the sky start warming your skin and you know spring is around the corner.

With the season comes longer days, shorter nights; the banishing of the infamous winter depression. Nature is not the only thing that comes alive with the passing of the snow and arrival of the shy warmth, the people come alive too. Gone is the cold and the large woolen scarves that can double as small blankets, subdued is the impending doom that is the burdens of life. The sunshine brightens our spirits and we migrate outside, taking up residence in outdoor seating areas of restaurants and cafés, enjoying the first outdoor pint of the year, sipping on warm coffees or enjoying a frappé, and even though it’s not quite warm enough for dresses, skirts and crop tops just yet, we pull them out anyway. Making sure to add layers just in case.

Today I arrived in the city just as people walked off to school and work, my psychomotor physiotherapy appointment was at 8am and so I was able to enjoy a morning coffee, no laptop, just watching as people came in and out the door, sat down for short chats before their days began full force. I’d scheduled my hair appointment on the same morning so I could get everything done since I had to go in early to the city anyway and so I had two hours between the end of my psychomotor physiotherapy session and my hair appointment. The plan was to go and sit in a café and write, but after just staring out the window for almost an hour without a single word written, I bagged my laptop and went for a walk.IMG_3405

The city is very quiet at this time when you get out of traffic, everyone’s either sleeping in or busy with studies and careers. There’s something about wandering around a place you’ve known for years without having any goals to your walking except for enjoying your surroundings. I walked through the Old Town, taking side streets and back streets where I could, always staying out of the traffic. I walked across the bridge and followed the river, just wandering alongside it and taking in the empty grass fields and the shining sun. For a while I simply sat in the grass and looked upon the buildings rising on the other side of the water. The birds were chirping and a caretaker was trimming the edges of the grass by the stone walls with an old-school clipper, there was no engine disrupting the air, just the low snips of his clipper and the distant hum of traffic. My phone had died at this point because it’s old and hanging on by a thread, and so I had no music to keep me company, but it was not missed in that moment. At some point I had to leave and carry on walking as I had no idea what time it was, just that my appointment had to be just around the corner. It is an elating thing, existing. It fills me up in a way little else does.


An inner peace settled over me during the silent moments I had during my morning, and I love when those moments come knocking. They bring with them a happiness that is so pure that I get a little delirious, not knowing what to do with myself. You can’t claim moments like these, or demand them. They ebb and flow into your life on their own accord, ever changing, all you can do is cradle them when they arrive. I wouldn’t mold them even if I could, because I enjoy the unpredictability. The best moments are the once you don’t see coming before they’re staring you straight in the face, the ones that sneak up on you and embrace you when you need it the most.

I don’t even care that I am utterly defeated, lying in bed with a cup of tea and a bottle of water, because the good outweighs the ‘bad’ today. I’ll take whatever consequences that are to come after this outing, because I wouldn’t ever want to be without it.

– Martie xx

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